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    Transmission Infrared Fiber Optic Probe for Gases

    • On-line transmission spectroscopy in gases
    • High throughput in any part of NIR-MIR spectra
    • Flexible and robust for industrial applications
    • Compatible with any spectrometer

     FlexiSpec® product line includes the latest generation of Transmission infrared fiber optic probes for gases to be used with any spectrometer or photometer.

    The design of Transmission Fiber Probe for gases is based on a bifurcated fiber bundle. Due to low Mid IR-attenuation in gases the collimated beam design of double pass (or multiple pass) gas cell is needed to increase optical path length to 10 – 40cm. This design is easily realized by the mean of the collimating objective and reflecting mirror cell.


    • Reaction investigation and monitoring in real time
    • Analytical Characterization
    • Exhaust gases monitoring
    • Solvent vaporization monitoring
    • Associated petroleum gas monitoring

    Specification of Gas Transmission Fiber Optic Probes  FlexiSpec®

    Probe type

    Transmission in double-pass gas cell

    Transmission range

    0,5 - 2,2µm


    1,6 – 5,5μm

    3 – 18µm

    Fiber type




    Chalcogenide IR

    Polycrystalline IR

    Temperature range

    -50°C  +200°C




    -50°C  +90°C

    -50°C  +140°C



    >1ppm depending on optical path, spectrometer performance, gases  in test

    Common Parameters of Gas Transmission Fiber Optic Probes  FlexiSpec®

    Total Length

    1,5 m (opt: 1 – 30m) *

    Transmission Cell Length

    100mm (opt: 5 – 200mm) *

    Transmission cell Diameter


    Shaft Material

    Stainless Steel, Hastelloy C22

    Protective Tube Material

    Liquid Tight SS-Conduit, KOPEX-Tube

    Input / Output Connectors

    Long SMA *

    *Customised dimensions are available on request.