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    Raman Fiber-Optic Probe

    • Ball lens sealed at sensing tip of 3mm dia. shaft
    • Optical filters deposited on fiber ends by patented process
    • Metal coated fibers used to block cross-talk and suppress fluorescence from polymer jacket
    • Compact immersible probe with S/N to use for in-situ real-time contact analysis of liquids, tissues and powder
    • Multilayer filters design for laser excitation in a broad range of wavelength 690-785nm


    • Biomedical
    • Biotechnology
    • Material Analysis
    • Food and Drink
    • Chemical
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Petrochemical
    • R &D

    Ball lens Raman fiber-optic probe is a new addition to art photonics’ FlexiSpec® product line.
    The technology of direct deposition of the dielectric filters at the fiber end faces enables miniaturization of the fiber-optic probe head without compromising its performance.
    It makes possible to develop a cost-effective Raman probe for endoscopic and other applications.The fiber optic Raman probe is produced for multiwave excitation in the range 690-785 nm, e.g. @785nm – “Finger print” spectral range with fluorescence reduction, and @690nm – “High wavenumber” spectral range for conventional Raman spectrometers.


    Specification of Raman Fiber Optic Probe

    Laser Wavelength:


    Available Spectral Range:

    2000–3800 cm-1 (690nm), 
     cm-1 (785nm),


    1+ 9 (one excitation & 9 collection
    fibers with 200µm core

    Long-pass filter transmission range

    810-950nm (>90%)

    Long-pass filter blocking range

    690-800nm (OD>6)

    Short-pass filter transmission range

    690-790nm (>90%)

    Short-pass filter blocking range:

    810-950nm (OD>6)

    Ball Lens

    2mm diameter silica

    Total Length


    Shaft (needle) Length


    Shaft (needle) Diameter


    Length of Legs


    Minimal Bending Radius


    Input / Output Connectors

    Excitation – FC/PC;  Detection – SMA905


    Stainless Steel

    Protective tubing

    Silicon coated Stainless Steel Conduit

    Temperature range

    –40 to 150°C

    Pressure limits

    0-7 Bar (100 PSI)