Project FOMoS: Fiber Optic Molecular Sensor

    Modular fiber optic diagnostic tool for minimal-invasive diagnostics of tissue

    Together with the IOAP-laser team of Technical University Berlin (TUB-IOAP) art photonics is working in a development project in the field of optical sensor technology. This project is partly funded by the European Union (European Regional Development Fund - ERDF).

    The main project goal is a modular fiber optic diagnostic tool combining complementary methods for molecular analysis focused on minimal-invasive diagnostics of tissue, e.g. for early cancer diagnosis.

    In line with preventive diagnostics and laser therapy there is a huge interest in as much as possible information on tissue before, during and after surgery including:

    • preventive identification of diseases by frequent, quick and economic investigation of suspicious changes of tissue
    • preoperative discrimination of tissue types (like muscle, blood vessel, nerve, fat) and distinction between healthy, inflammable, precancerous and malignant tissue
    • intraoperative process control and
    • postoperative control

    The spectroscopic methods used in the project are also suited for applications in bioanalytics, food analytics and environmental analysis.