Fiber Probe Coupler FPC-6M

    FlexiSpec® fiber probe couplers from art photonics GmbH enables easy coupling of fiber probes with any FTIR spectrometer. Coupling of FlexiSpec® probes with FT-spectrometers eliminates the need to prepare samples and place them into the sample chamber, and makes remote analysis possible for molecular reaction monitoring in-line.

    FPC-6M is the latest generation Fiber Probe Coupler for big FTIR-spectrometers based on 6 mirror design providing the highest coupling efficiency with various fiber probes. It can be installed in sample chamber of various FTIR spectrometers from Thermo Fisher: iS10, iS50, Nexus 670 and Nicolet 6700.

    FPC-6M can be customised to match iBox and other industrial or lab FTIR- spectrometers, coupling probes with SMA or other connectors.


    • Efficient coupling of fiber probe to FTIR-spectrometer
    • Compatible with sample chamber of iS5 & other FTIR
    • Mirror optics to enable work in broad spectral range
    • In/Out ports compatible with SMA-terminated fiber probes
    • Pre-aligned for distinct FTIR-model and adjustable to maximize coupling efficiency


    • Upgrading Lab FTIR to replace sampling for remote reaction monitoring in-line.
    • Process- control with robust fiber probe terminated by SMA or other connectors.
    • Upgradable for various FTIR-models and adjustable for high coupling efficiency.
    • Easy to install in sample chamber - as any other accessories.

    Please download User Manual to get more information about FPC-6M

    Transmission spectrum of Diamond ATR-probe, 2m length (PIR-fiber), coupled by FPC-6M to FTIR-spectrometer iS10 (LN-MCT)
    Acetone absorption obtained with 1,5m long Diament ATR-PIR probe, FPC-6M & N-6700