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    Refocussing & Collimating Fiber/Lens Objectives


    • Compatible with SMA-terminated fiber cables
    • NA=0.35, Pupil diameter 15 mm
    • Refocusing or collimating design


    • Focusing of collimating beam into the fiber
    • Collimation of output beam from fiber
    • Fiber end imagination to detector / emitter element

    To use with

    • Polycrystalline fiber cables 4-18μm spectral range
    • Chalkogenide fiber cables 1-6μm spectral range


    • 1-Case
    • 2- Lens
    • 3- Z-translation stage
    • 4- SMA-Adaptor

    Transmission spectra of lenses with AR coatings

    Specification of lens objectives

    Objective Type Collimating Refocusing
    Optic elements Plano-convex ZnSe lens, 3-5 or 8-12μm AR-coating F=20mm Double-convex ZnSe lens, 3-5 or 8-12μm AR-coating 2F=20mm
    Dimensions Diameter 8 mm, Length 25 mm Diameter 28 mm, Length 25 mm
    Alignment options Z-alignment ± 5mm Z-alignment ± 5mm
    Other options FC/PC fiber adaptor on request C/PC fiber adaptor on request


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    Refocussing & Collimating Fiber/Lens Objective