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    Sale of art photonics' fiber products in UK by Fibre Photonics, Livingston, Scotland

    Successful partnership between art photonics GmbH - company founded by Dr. Viacheslav Artyushenko in June 1998 in Berlin,-  and company Fibre Photonics Ltd. - also founded by him with partners in October 2006 in Livingston, - was recently updated to the new form of collaboration.

    As art photonics develops and produces all fiber products in Berlin – Fibre Photonics will sell them in the UK as authorized dealer and provide the related technical service.  This new form of partnership will follow five years work of Dr. Artyushenko as Fibre Photonics president, CTO and key shareholder. He has resigned from all these positions on 24 November 2011 and transferred all his shares to Gary Colquhoun – company CEO and co-founder.

    Dr. Artyushenko said that this change was done to enhance work efficiency of both companies and to bring more benefit to all customers. He comments: “Our “matrix reloading” was needed due to two main reasons. Our initial plan with start of Fibre Photonics in 2006 was to satisfy strict demand of our biggest customer in Scotland and to develop and produce all types of Mid IR-fiber cables and probes in Livingston. In result our production of unique PIR-cables was developed for main customer with excellent yield, but our progress for all the other Mid IR cables and spectroscopy probes was limited to new applications only. Thus the 1st reason for changes was to focus all the development and production at art photonics in Berlin – saving time and money compared to the original plan. The 2nd reason was to sell our fiber products in the UK with professional help from Fibre Photonics. I am sure that Gary Colquhoun and his team have real talent and energy in good addition to the unique knowledge in specialty fiber optics accumulated within five years of our joint work. Thus our synergy collaboration will help to satisfy customer needs and enable promising R&D projects in the UK.”