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    Congratulating Cosima Koch, Markus Brandstetter, Stefan Radel, and Bernhard Lendl!



    We joint many others in congratulating Cosima Koch, Markus Brandstetter, Stefan Radel, and Bernhard Lendl â€“ winners of a 2011 FACSS Innovating Award and are delighted that art photonics GmbH has contributed to the success by providing ATR fiber probes used for this specific research.

    The 2011 FACSS Conference hold in Reno, NV, October 2‐7 was the first venue to host a new type of scientific prize: the FACSS Innovation Award.  The award was established by the FACSS governing board to highlight the most creative, insightful, and significant new research debuted at the FACSS conference each year.

    Winners of a 2011 FACSS Innovating Award Cosima Koch, Markus Brandstetter,  Stefan Radel,  Bernhard Lendl  of the Vienna University of Technology have developed a new method for on-line monitoring of fermentations using mid- infrared spectroscopy.

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