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    Demo of ATR-probes FlexiSpec® by art photonics at ACHEMA in June´12 (Frankfurt/M)

    Our latest generation of ATR-probes FlexiSpec® was presented at ACHEMA-2012 attracting a lot of visitors interested in FTIR-spectrometers applications for process-control in-line.

    Main attention was paid to unique demo of five type ATR-probes coupled with
    FTIR-spectrometers from different manufacturers:  iS5 from Thermo Fisher, MB-Rx from ABB and Matrix-MF from Bruker Optik. Comparison of pro & contra for different FTIR-fiber systems enables each customer to select the best solution for remote reaction monitoring in lab or for a full automated process control in-line.

    Robust ATR-probes enable process-spectroscopy in any part of 1-17µm range (10000-600cm-1) and are compatible with any FTIR-spectrometer used in lab or industrial process control at high pressure and temperature (up to 250°C for HT-ATR probes). Low cost ATR-Loop PIR-fiber probes are the best for experimental trials in lab and biomedical diagnostics.

    In contrast with flexible probes based on hollow waveguides, FlexiSpec® IR-fiber probes coupled with FTIR-spectrometers provide much better throughput - stable under bending.

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