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    Fermentation Process Control on-line by FTIR-Fiber Spectroscopy

    The synergy combination of FTIR spectroscopy with Infrared Fiber ATR-Probes FlexiSpec® provides the innovative way to control and optimize bio-fermentation process on-line for effective biogas production. Tight collaboration* between art photonics and Cologne University of Applied Sciences was resulted in the development of the 1st full automated process control system demonstrated in June at ACHEMA-2012 in Frankfurt/M. In addition to the coupling of FTIR-spectrometer with a robust Diamond ATR-probe this system includes unique function of ATR-probe cleaning and calibration in place – realized with a process-interface Ceramat-FOS specially developed by Company KNICK for FlexiSpec® probes.

    *This cooperation project is funded by BWI in Germany within the AiF Program ZIM.


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