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    Fluorescence spectroscopy of marked cells with “FluoDuoFiber” multichannel fiber optic system

    This project was funded by Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.


    Within the scope of “RoVitaS” project done by art photonics in collaboration with TissUse, TU-Berlin, GeSIM and Fraunhofer IWS, Dresden, the new fiber optics system was developed for fluorescence sensing of human cells vitality in Multi-Organ-Chips (MOC).  In order of MOC handling automation our project partners have developed a prototype of robotic system which enables autonomic hosting of 10 to 24 MOCs. For this system art photonics has developed a flexible fiber optic probe and dual-channel photometer based on 2 photomultipliers and 2 LED light sources – to measure fluorescence signal emitted by the cells marked with CellTracker Green and Red. Parameters of “FluoDuoFiber” system have been defined in tests with CellTracker marked cells in different concentrations.  

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