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    Successful show at SciX 2016 in Minneapolis

    19-23 September 2016, Minneapolis …read more


    art photonics at PITTCON 2015

    Dear Customers and Partners,You are very welcome to visit us at PITTCON 2015 - World’s Largest Annual Conference and Exposition for Laboratory Science to run on March 9-12 in New Orleans. This year art photonics GmbH will...…read more


    Message from Dr. Viacheslav Artyushenko, President of art photonics GmbH

    Dear Friends, On 20 December 2013, The United Nations (UN) General Assembly 68th Session proclaimed 2015 as the International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies (IYL2015). This International Year has been the...…read more


    Fluorescence spectroscopy of marked cells with “FluoDuoFiber” multichannel fiber optic system

    This project was funded by Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. Introduction Within the scope of “RoVitaS” project done by art photonics in collaboration with TissUse, TU-Berlin, GeSIM and Fraunhofer IWS, Dresden,...…read more


    art photonics 15th Anniversary celebration

    Founded in 1998, art photonics GmbH became world's leading manufacturer and supplier of Infra-Red chalcogenide and polycrystalline & metal coated specialty optical fibers, spectroscopy fiber probes & fiber bundles, high...…read more


    “INNO-MIR Biogas: Innovative MIR Online Measuring System for Biogas Plants”

    art photonics GmbH the world's leading manufacturer of Infra-Red Chalcogenide and Polycrystalline specialty optical fibers, spectroscopy fiber probes & fiber bundles announced completion of the project “INNO-MIR...…read more


    art photonics GmbH at 22nd National Laser Symposium, India

    The 22nd National Laser Symposium , sponsored by the Board of Research in Nuclear Sciences , was organised at Manipal University in January 8-11 , 2014  This premier symposium on lasers in India was attended by over 400...…read more


    art photonics GmbH was co-sponsor of EPIC Technology Workshop “Unmet Health Care Needs as opportunities for Photonics Technologies”

    Optimizing the Road to Clinical Products27-28 November 2013Maastricht, The Netherlands (hosted by Maastricht University Medical Center)Session 1 “Setting the Scene – Introductory Presentations” The technology and business...…read more


    art photonics presentation at EPIC Biophotonics Workshop

    “Optimizing the Road to Clinical Products” 27-28 November 2013, Maastricht, The Netherlands…read more


    art photonics presentation at ICONO/LAT 2013

    “Modern Trends of Biomedical Fiber Spectroscopy”  …read more


    art photonics GmbH represents new Fiber Probe Coupler iF5 for FTIR-spectrometers

    FlexiSpec® fiber coupler iF5 enabling easy coupling of ATR fiber probes with FTIR - spectrometer was designed for FTIR-Model iS5 of Thermo Fisher Scientific.iF5 coupler design is in line with iS5 standard accessories, and could...…read more


    Si- ATR Fiber Probe from art photonics GmbH

    art photonics GmbH – the world leader manufacturer of Mid FTIR ATR Fiber Probes enlarged FlexiSpec® Product line by developing new Si-ATR Fiber Probe…read more


    AP will celebrate 15 years anniversary

    AP will celebrate 15 years anniversary this September after the move to the new building at Rudower Chaussee 46 – to occupy 2 floors specially designed for High Tech production, quality control and better sales & service for...…read more


    IFPAC 2013

    Annual Meeting, Jan. 22-25, 2013 Baltimore, MD, USA…read more


    Fermentation Process Control on-line by FTIR-Fiber Spectroscopy

    The synergy combination of FTIR spectroscopy with Infrared Fiber ATR-Probes FlexiSpec® provides the innovative way to control and optimize bio-fermentation process on-line for effective biogas production. Tight collaboration*...…read more


    ATR-MultiLoop silver halide fiber probes, produced by art photonics GmbH

    ATR-MultiLoop silver halide fiber probes, produced by art photonics GmbH in Berlin, Germany, and distributed by Harrick Sci. were used for colonic cancer risk detection at Uni. Michigan  See article in PDF…read more


    art photonics has presented at IFPAC-2012 in Cortona, Italy

    art photonics has presented at IFPAC-2012 in Cortona, Italy, ATR-probes FlexiSpec® with high throughput in any part of NIR-Mid IR range (600-10000cm-1) – 4 times more compared to alternative probes based on Hollow Waveguides. In...…read more


    Demo of ATR-probes FlexiSpec® by art photonics at ACHEMA in June´12 (Frankfurt/M)

    Our latest generation of ATR-probes FlexiSpec® was presented at ACHEMA-2012 attracting a lot of visitors interested in FTIR-spectrometers applications for process-control in-line. Main attention was paid to unique demo of five...…read more


    Congratulating Cosima Koch, Markus Brandstetter, Stefan Radel, and Bernhard Lendl!

    We joint many others in congratulating Cosima Koch, Markus Brandstetter, Stefan Radel, and Bernhard Lendl – winners of a 2011 FACSS Innovating Award and are delighted that art photonics GmbH has contributed to...…read more


    Innovative MIR Online Measuring System for Biogas Plants

    art photonics - in cooperation with the Cologne University of Applied Sciences - has launched a new project to increase the efficiency of the energy delivery in biogas plants: online investigation of the different substances of...…read more


    Sale of art photonics' fiber products in UK by Fibre Photonics, Livingston, Scotland

    Successful partnership between art photonics GmbH - company founded by Dr. Viacheslav Artyushenko in June 1998 in Berlin,-  and company Fibre Photonics Ltd. - also founded by him with partners in October 2006 in Livingston,...…read more


    Fiber Optic Transmission and TransFlex Probe

    art photonics’ product line FlexiSpec® includes the latest generation of Transmission (single pass) & TransFlex (dual pass) fiber optic probes to be used with any spectrometer or photometer. FlexiSpec® Single & Dual...…read more


    Cleanable Fiber Probes with Process Interfaces

    FlexiSpec® probes design enables their use for reaction monitoring without artifacts caused by contaminated optics as they can be retracted, cleaned and calibrated during chemical process. Process interfaces SensoGate-FOS and...…read more


    ATR-Loop InfraRed Fiber Optic Probes

    ATR-Loop InfraRed PIR-fiber Probe was the first in FlexiSpec® product line designed for use with FTIR and other Mid IR spectrometers. ATR-Loop InfraRed PIR-fiber probes are perfect for remote analysis of liquids, pastes and soft...…read more


    Give your FTIR spectrometer new life – couple it with PIR-fiber ATR-probe!

    Now your FTIR spectrometer can be used for new applications when coupled with ATR fiber probes – for reaction monitoring, process control and any remote applications in real time and in-situ! Take unique chance easy – make your...…read more


    Project: Biogas plant

    art photonics GmbH together with the University Cologne of Applied Sciences has launched  a new project to increase efficiency of the energy delivery in biogas plants. The project partners are investigating the...…read more


    Fiber Optic ATR Probe

    art photonics’ new line FlexiSpec® is compatible with all spectrometers and automated process-interfaces. art photonics product line FlexiSpec® includes the latest generation of Attenuated Total Reflection Near & Mid...…read more


    FlexiRay® for High Power Laser Systems

    art photonics’ new line FlexiRay® delivers up to 900W for material processing applications art photonics’ product line FlexiRay® is the latest generation of High Power Fiber Cables produced for various lasers of broad spectral...…read more