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    Fiber Optic Bundles and Converters

    • Multispestral bundles from different fiber types
    • Splitting light from light source into several  channels
    • Combining light from light source into several sources
    • Reshaping of light beam crossection

    art photonics design and manufactures various types of FlexiRay® fiber bundles and fiber convertors for a broad spectral range from 0.2 to 18µm.
    FlexiRay® bundles are designed to match customer application with different fiber types, diameters and using polymer or metal jackets.

    • UV/VIS/NIR (180 – 2500nm) – from silica fibers 
    • Mid Infrared (1.5 – 6.0µm) – from Chalcogenide Infrared (CIR) fibers
    • Mid Infrared (4.0 – 18.0µm) – from Polycrystalline Silver Halide (PIR) fibers
    • UV/VIS/NIR/MIR (180 nm – 18µm) – Mixed Fiber bundles from Silica CIR & PIR fibers


    • Spectral Immaging
    • Pyrometry
    • Optical sensing
    • Laser welding/ soldering/ marking
    • Analytical instruments
    • Flexible illumination in medical diagnostic
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    Mixed fiber bundle consist UV silica, VIS-NIR silica and CIR fibers. Such bundle enables to determine signals in broad spectral range from 0.2 µm to 6µm