ATR-Loop InfraRed Fiber Optic Probes

    • High throughput at Mid InfraRed range
    • On-line absorbance spectroscopy of liquids, pastes & soft solid surfaces
    • Compatible with all FTIR, QCL and IR- Filter spectrometers
    • Cost effective alternative to more expensive ATR-IR-fiber probes
    • Replaceable ATR Loop PIR-Fiber Tips

    ATR-Loop Infrared PIR-fiber probe was the first in FlexiSpec® product line designed for use with FTIR and other Mid IR spectrometers. ATR-Loop PIR-fiber probes are perfect for remote analysis of composition of liquids, pastes and soft surfaces with no need in sample preparation.
    Loop fiber probe is the simplest one in FlexiSpec® product family to enable low cost ATR-spectroscopy.


    • Remote evanescent absorption (ATR-) spectroscopy in-citu
    • Multiple ATR-spectroscopy by immersion of fi ber loop in liquid
    • In-vivo molecular spectroscopy for medical diagnostics by simple touch of ATR-Loop to skin or tissue

    Specification of Fiber Optic ATR-Loop Probes FlexiSpec®

    Probe type

    Chalcogenide-IR (CIR)

    Polycrystalline-IR (PIR)

    Transmission range

    6500 – 1700cm -1

    3600 – 600cm -1

    Fiber type

    Chalcogenide glass (As-S)

    Silver Halide (AgCl:AgBr)

    Temperature range

    ≤ 90°C

    ≤ 100°C

    Common Parameters of Fiber Optic Multi-Loop Probes FlexiSpec®

    Total Length

    1m (opt.: PIR up to 5m, CIR up to 10m) *

    Shaft Length

    120mm *

    Shaft Diameter


    Shaft Material


    Protective Tube Material


    Input / Output Connectors

    Long SMA-905 (opt.: any other type)

    Detachable PIR fiber Loop

    Loop; Multi-Loop (Double-, Triple-Loop, etc.)

    *Customized dimensions are available on request