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    Cleanable Fiber Probes with Process Interfaces

    • Process analysis during reaction free from optics contamination
    • Retractable fiber probes cleaned in process with in-line wash and in-line calibration capabilities
    • Manual, semi or fully automated process control systems made with control unit UNICAL-FOS 9000
    • Zero baseline at any time and precise spectroscopy analysis

    FlexiSpec® probes design enables their use for reaction monitoring with no artifacts caused by optics contamination as they can be retracted, cleaned
    and calibrated during chemical process. Process-interfaces SensoGate-FOS and Ceramat-FOS made by KNICK with approved fitting & flanges for FlexiSpec® probes to secure their semi or full automated use in complete process systems.


    • Reaction Monitoring in real time
    • Full Automated Process Control in PAT applications
    • Complete cleaning of all parts according GMP, Hygiene, etc.
    • Analytical Characterization
    • Biopharmaceutical Analysis
    • Biofuel Development & Production


    Before requesting the product please fill the “Checklist for installation of Ceramat® FOS and SensoGate® FOS” to help us to proceed your request promptly.
    The Checklist can be found in the Downloads area.