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    Chalcogenide (CIR) Fiber Bundles, Convertors and Splitters

    art photonics GmbH development of specialty fibers for the Mid-IR region has resulted in a unique product – Chalcogenide Infra-Red (CIR-) fibers. Chalcogenide glasses (As₂ S₃) transmit IR-radiation in the spectral range of 1.1 – 6μm. Our CIR fibers are drawn in core/clad structure with double polymer coating and characterized by low total optical losses and low absorption peaks over mentioned spectral range.

    High flexibility & high transmission of our chalcogenide fibers allowed producing commercial fiber bundles & convertors for Mid-IR applications.


    ● Custom design 

    ● Customized fiber arrangement and splitting 

    ● Standard and customized connectors 

    ● Mixed fiber bundles (UV,NIR,MIR) are available 


    ● Flexible IR-imaging systems 

    ● Remote non-contact pyrometry in the 200-600K range 

    ● Fiber probes for remote process IR - spectroscopy 

      CIR Fiber Bundle & Convertor Specification 


    Rectangular to Circular 

    Circular to Circular 

    Core/Clad Fiber Diameter 

    250/300; 350/400; 500/550 μm 

    Number of Fibers 

    Up to 37 in hexagonal configuration more - on request 

    Length of Bundle 

    0,5 - 5 m 

    Types of Protective Jackets 

    PVC, PC + Nylon, Rigid Metal Housing 

    Spectral Range 

    1,1 to 6,0 μm