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    Coherent multi-channel fiber optic bundles for remote spectroscopy


    • Multi-channel Process - Photometry
    • High Optical throughput at characteristic wavelengths.
    • Compatibility with a variety of light sources and filter spectrometers
    • Special design for customer application   
    • Assembly with polymer or metal coated fibers   
    • Controlled fiber diameter starting from 100 µm up to 600 µm
    • Capacity of up to 37 channels
    • Customized handpiece and connector design

    Technical Specification

    Core Fiber Diameter 100/110, 200/220, 300/330, 400/440, 600/660 µm
    Channel Quantity 1 to 7 standard custom type
    up to 37 channels - on request
    Number of Fibers Up to 469 in hexagonal configuration
    Or up to 2000 in linear configuration
    Length of Bundle 0,2 - 15 m
    Types of Protective Jackets PVC, PC + Nylon, Rigid Metal Housing
    Spectral Range 0,25 to 2,2 µm
    Special arranged design of multi-channel probes


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    Special arranged design of multi-channel probes