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    Research & Development

    Fiber optics is a key technology for the photonics industry in providing a flexible mechanism for light delivery or light detection applications primarily in industrial manufacturing, military, space and in a research & development environment.

    Our available ranges cover:

    • Mid IR (3.0 – 18.0 µm)
    • Near IR (1.5 – 6.0 µm)
    • UV/VIS/IR (180 – 2100 nm)

    art photonics provide a variety of fiber optic materials that cover a uniquely broad spectral range of user selectable diameters and numerical apertures as either fibre optic cables, bundles or pigtails.

    Based on our range of fiber optics, art photonics produce sensing probes that penetrate several markets where light measurement plays a key role in determining chemical composition such as environmental & clean-tech, chemicals and food & drink applications. Reliable in-situ spectral measurements of fundamental molecular vibrations in the ‘fingerprint region® (500-1500 cm-1) are now a reality for liquid chemical processes.

    Fiber Optic Cables    

    Browse our range of fiber optic cables from the Ultraviolet (180nm) to the Mid Infrared (18µm).

    Fiber Optic Probes

    Upgrade your FTIR analyser with immersion probes for laboratory, pilot plant and in-process applications.

    Fiber Optic Spectrometers

    Determine the chemical composition or the physical property of a process sample or stream using high performance, fiber optic coupled instrumentation.