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    art photonics has presented at IFPAC-2012 in Cortona, Italy

    art photonics has presented at IFPAC-2012 in Cortona, Italy, ATR-probes FlexiSpec® with high throughput in any part of NIR-Mid IR range (600-10000cm-1) – 4 times more compared to alternative probes based on Hollow Waveguides. In result they can be used not only with FTIR-spectrometers equipped by LN-cooled MCT detectors, but with a low cost and small size/ weight FTIR-DTGS-spectrometers – like MB-Rx from ABB or iS5 from Thermo Fisher:

    Acetone spectra measured at iS5 with standard Diamond accessories iD5 and Diamond ATR-probe of 1,5m length are almost identical (see 1st file attached). Thus new ATR-probes open broad range of new applications for FTIR-DTGS spectrometers – enabling real time reaction monitoring in lab or industrial PAT process control in-line. (Presentation and poster are also attached for more details.)

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