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    art photonics presentation at EPIC Biophotonics Workshop

    “Optimizing the Road to Clinical Products” 27-28 November 2013, Maastricht, The Netherlands

    “Broad Spectra Fiber Solutions for Applications in Biophotonics”
    Viacheslav Artyushenko, President

    Review of fiber spectroscopy systems used for biophotonics was presented for the broad range of methods – starting from fluorescence diagnostics of tissue cells vitality and Photo-Dynamic Diagnostics (PDD) of cancer up to Mid IR absorption and Raman spectroscopy used for molecular analysis of tissue or bio-liquids diagnostics in-vivo. The future market for screening and diagnostics fiber systems will be estimated, starting from high end research spectroscopy systems to low cost portable sensors – to be used in volume for clinical and ambulatory applications.